What do you do and who do you work for?"
— or alternately "…and who is your employer?"

Is the service you provide a comfort, a luxury, or a basic necessity? Why would you classify it this way?

Describe the constituency that you serve in your job. How does what you do serve them or help them survive?

Would they survive without you? Why or why not?

Describe a catastrophe (large or small) that would occur if you did not perform your duty.

Has this kind of catastrophe ever happened here in the past?

Under what emergency would you require rescue?
Imagine different kinds of disaster scenarios and how you would respond…

In what kind of disaster scenarios would you be able to survive on your own?

When would you not be able to survive?

In what disaster scenarios would you excel and be able to help others? And would you help if it put your own life at risk?

Do you find survival to be an aspect of your daily routine? How so?

Do you feel appreciated in your job? By the people you serve?

Do you feel dependent on the infrastructure around you, or the infrastructure which you support in the functions of your job?

Are you ever concerned about your survival? (This could be at work, at home or somewhere else, in specific situations or generally over the long run.)

Do you expect any particular kind of disaster to happen in the near future? If yes, what will it be and when will it happen?

Do you feel well prepared for certain kinds of disasters?

Download the pdf of this text and submit your responses to m.glebes@gmail.com to be a part of the project.