Untitled (Misplaced Altruisms or the Vanity of Aid)

These insect repair works were included in the exhibition "Insectology" at Silber Gallery at Goucher College. The exhibition ran from February through March 2011. The catalog can be found online here.

Glebes's work is created from the remnants of elaborate processes that are futile and ridiculous, metaphoric, and temporary. Her insect repairs are grotesque mortuarial attempts to preserve or mend, meticulous gestures executed on found carcasses, symbolic of an impulse to restore order in a fragile environment and to fill a void created by patheticness in form. This adornment or patching of battered insect bodies is misplaced altruism, which quells the vanities in aid or pity by indulging the most absurd and effete of generosities: squandered restoration and functionless beauty. Glebes's insects are victims of glass windows, selected for mending and decorative preservation for their pitiable state - their brokenness is evaluated by their failure and resulting decay. The repairs and prosthetics imposed on these insects sanction sympathy for the manicured via the restorative maintenance of post-mortem fragility that definalizes the terminal.

2009 | moth, sewing thread, needle 2011 | hornet, acrylic, needle 2011 | hornet, acrylic, needle 2010 | moth, sewing thread, needle 2011 | moth wings,silver leaf,needl