consumption anxiety

Materials: Found Shopping Cart, Dandelion Seeds, Shrink-wrap, Found Fan, Power Strip, Glass

This shopping cart is middle class, pedestrian, metaphorical, and meek. It represents the ability to purchase goods for the home. This is an average cart, and can hold enough to feed the common American middle class family for at least a week. It is a carrier of product from shelf to register, from register to car-trunk, because a load of such capacity would necessitate individual vehicular transportation from store to home. This cart serves the suburban model dwelling, surrounded by a lawn, in a neighborhood of other sprawling homes, connected by roads in an average development, as defined by 60 years of Americans' steady push into the suburbs. Sealed in this shopping cart is another suburban icon - the commonplace and seemingly benign dandelion. This weed is at once subversive, a terrorist threat to the manicured lawn, but contains potential agency; here, in its suspense, it is simultaneously humble and monumentalized. It is the projected ego of the victim of circumscribed routine, caught in the anxiety, the absurdity and the fragility of our received suburban values.

This work was conceived for and included in the exhibition Everything Must Go, curated by Shannon Young and Chris Mona for CADE Gallery at Anne Arundel Community College in 2010.

Cade Gallery: Everything Must Go

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