PULLED: Evidence of a Print Community

PULLED curates the curators of Baltimore's top print studios, presses, and galleries. Participants were asked to not only include instances of their own endeavours, but also to invite printmakers and artists who inspire their studio, are represented by their gallery, or who have helped forge or expand their understanding of community.

Participating Sub-Curators:

Goya Contemporary/Goya-Girl Press
Typecast Press
Gilah Press and Design
Litho Shop
Baltimore Print Studios
Open Space

Artists* :

William Pope.L
Juan Logan
Bill Fick
Sanford Biggers
Joyce J. Scott
Christian Marclay
David Shapiro
Soledad Salamé
Jo Smail &
William Kentridge Collaboration
Noel Freibert
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Molly Colleen O'Connell
Globe Poster / Globe Press at MICA
Gilah Press + Design
Ice Cream Social
Baltimore Print Studios
Brad Vetter
Keegan Onefoot-Wenkman
Kyle Durrie
Andy Snair

PULLED is curated by Marian April Glebes.

Urbanite at Case[werks] Showroom & Gallery
1501 Saint Paul Street #116  Baltimore, MD 21202

Exhibition Dates: 5 April 2012 - 25 May 2012*

OPENING RECEPTION sponsored by Urbanite @ Case[Werks] APRIL 5th, 6-8pm.

View the announcement.

About the Sub-Curators:

---------------------------------GOYA CONTEMPORARY & GOYA GIRL PRESS

Goya Contemporary promotes the art and culture of our time by presenting new works and ideas through curatorial practice, texts and catalogues, print publishing, artist representation, and by encouraging artistic collection, building private & public collections, assisting in acquisitions and de-acquisitions, and facilitating auction activity via the main auction houses. Goya Contemporary has earned international acclaim for its thought-provoking exhibitions, innovative programming, and unique collaborations with artists. Known internationally as one of the most prestigious and long running galleries in the mid-Atlantic as well as one of the few with membership to longstanding ethical art institutions such as the IFPDA, Goya is dedicated to scholarly programming, and promoting the work of mid-career artists, proving Baltimore as a justifiable hot-bed of culture.

---------------------------------LITHO SHOP

Litho Shop is a vibrant, fully-equipped printmaking studio centrally located in Baltimore, MD. Established and run by master printer, Brian Garner since 2006, Litho Shop specializes in lithography, etching, relief, and monoprinting. This 1,240 square foot workshop is outfitted with an electric etching press and a flatbed proofing press, capable of printing 30"x 40"— accommodating both large and small scale projects. Artists are encouraged to investigate their conceptual subjects while provided the technical support necessary to translate their visual language into original prints and multiples. Many prints that Brian has collaborated on are featured in the collections of prestigious institutions, including the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Brian Garner earned his Professional Printers certificate from the Tamarind Institute in 1997, a BFA in printmaking from the Maryland Institute College of Art 1994, and also holds an MFA in Digital Imaging from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His extensive background collaborating with contemporary artists, acquired from experience in five professional print shops, prompted the desire to establish his own independent studio.

---------------------------------BALTIMORE PRINT STUDIOS

Baltimore Print Studios opened its doors in fall 2010 and is owned and run by Kyle Van Horn and Kim Bentley.

BPS is a public-access letterpress and screenprinting studio. Day-long workshops are offered twice monthly in both letterpress and screenprinting, and the studio is available for press rental four days a week. The studio caters to area artists and designers, providing access to presses, equipment, and supplies. BPS also takes on commercial printing for outside clients and offers school and group tours. When they're not teaching, helping you print, or printing for you, they're making fun posters, fixing old presses, and hunting for more wood type.

---------------------------------TYPECAST PRESS

Mary Mashburn, proprietor of Typecast Press, got her first whiff of printer's ink and press wash while on a newspaper field trip during grade school in Marin County, Calif. That's all it took. She's been chasing the irresistible scent -- as well as the lore, legends, ancient machinery and modern possibilities of honest-to-goodness printing -- ever since.

A military brat, Mary has lived in places cold (Alaska, Minnesota), way cool (atop Mount Tamalpais, overlooking Oakland and San Francisco) and hot (North Carolina, Arizona) and decided to set up shop in Baltimore, clearly in the latter category, with husband Steve St. Angelo, a journalist at U.S. News & World Report magazine.

OK, she's not your grandfather's letterpress printer -- chances are he would have liked Mary anyway. Through a 25-year career in journalism and the graphic arts, she has built a reputation on creativity, flexibility, customer service and a commitment to doing things the right way well before the ink touches the paper and long after it dries.

Mary loves this printing stuff: from salvaging old presses to brainstorming design concepts to mixing inks and hand-feeding the old machines. When the wind blows the right way, she says, it smells a bit like heaven.

And you can cast that in metal.

---------------------------------OPEN SPACE

Open Space Baltimore is a gallery and artists space located in the neighborhood of Remington in Baltimore City. Beginning as a collectively run space in 2009, it has since included a core group of members with a rotating cast of friends, volunteers and interns rounding out the Open Space team.

Open Space aims to provide an outlet for artists ranging from local to international and to provide a space where the Baltimore community can behold these artists’ work. We believe that a successful arts space develops and curates a wide variety in programming; allowing for an expansive range of ideas while simultaneously generating and maintaining a greater scope of community interests.

Since its inception, the gallery has maintained an interest in exhibiting all types of media, genres, and ideas from a broad geographical scope; thus the title ‘Open Space’. Open Space has been host to painters, sculptors, printmakers, book-makers, video artists and performers from all over the United States, Germany, Belgium, China, and Chile.

---------------------------------GILAH PRESS & DESIGN

Gilah Press + Design is a boutique letterpress and design studio. We’re dedicated to giving our clients the very best marketing and design solutions out there. We like to think our eye for design is rivaled only by our attention to detail.

Some say we’re obsessed. We prefer to think of ourselves as nit-picky perfectionists with incredibly high standards. Either way, we’re confident you’ll be happy with the outcome.

We’re not ones to brag, but we can’t help if others do it for us. Our award-winning designs have been featured in Food & Wine, Print, HOW and Lucky, to name a few.

We’re disciplined graphic designers. We’re also masters of the centuries-old form of letterpress printing. We have five hand-fed platen letterpresses perfect for printing limited color, small run items. If you’re a designer and you’re looking for a letterpress, let’s talk. We’re more than accommodating.


ABOUT URBANITE@CASE[WERKS] in collaboration with SNAED:

Urbanite@Case[werks] activates a literal and figurative crossroads: Case[werks] sits atop the JFX and train tracks that have historically separated Station North from Mount Vernon and Downtown. Case[werks] draws audience from both sides of the tracks and shrinks the distance between Mount Vernon and the other activity nodes in Station North to the north.
•Urbanite@Case[werks] serves as a showcase of Station North and other Baltimore artists for audiences traveling into Baltimore's PennStation, thereby expanding the audience for local artists and the local and regional recognition of Station North.
•By highlighting interdisciplinary work, the exhibitions in Urbanite@Case[werks] draw participants and audience from diverse fields including architecture, fine arts, photography, design, and more.
•When possible, the exhibitions in Urbanite@Case[werks] link to other simultaneous exhibitions and projects in Baltimore, acknowledging and promoting Station North's role in Baltimore's cultural scene.

Urbanite @ Case[werks] is a collaboration between Urbanite Baltimore and Case[werks] in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District. The collaboration is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

Unique work with print, collage, en 1 of 6 pieces. Etching "Intimacy Project" lithograph and relief print