In Line Weight/Light Speed, Jan Razauskas, Conrad Freiburg, and Neil Freeman preserve the spontaneous and control the uncontrollable via drawings, reconfigurable geometries, and digital prints. These evidences are precisely uncertain, and make of circumstance the extraordinary. In the voids between prime numbers, in the trace glimmer residues of evaporation, or the celestial re-patterning of familiar city streets, mark-making is a gateway to a system, the genuine direct recording of material influence in real-time, a stepping stone toward capturing magic in the mundane. Line Weight/Light Speed's participants do not create works on paper, but instead choreograph responses to and manipulations of existing conditions and situations, the evidence of which is preserved by their drawings.

14 February 2012 - 22 March 2012

Jan Razausakas (Baltimore)
Conrad Freiburg (Chicago, Everywhere)
Neil Freeman (Brooklyn)

Featuring a temporal drawing event hosted by Contemporary Museum 24 February 2012, 5-8 pm

Closing Reception sponsored by Urbanite Magazine 6-8PM, Thursday 15 March 2012!!! .

Urbanite@Case[werks] Showroom & Gallery
1510 Saint Paul Street, Suite 116
Baltimore, MD 21202
TEL: 410 332 4160



Jan Razauskas is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. She has exhibited her work in many group and one-person exhibitions, and has been recognized through grants from the Maryland State Arts Council, the Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico, the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore and the Baltimore Arts Council. Her works are in private collections nationwide, and have appeared in publications such as New American Paintings and Artpapers. Razauskas currently teaches as an adjunct professor.


Conrad Freiburg was raised on the Mississippi River in the flat lands of middle America. . His contemplative style of songwriting is rooted in a tradition of exploration that skillfully blends humor and sincerity to impress listeners with the dynamism of what it means to be an artist in America. Conrad's performances and sculptures have mystified and inspired audiences in venues throughout the United States and abroad, as evidenced by his being named “Chicagoan of the Year” 2007 by the Chicago Tribune. His work has been reviewed in Art Forum, Time Out, New City, Artnews, Chicago Tribune, Bad at Sports, and Art LTD.


Neil Freeman is an urban planner and artist. His work has appeared in the Believer, Black Book and the Next American City, and in exhibitions in Chicago, London, New York and Cambridge. He recently received a Master in Urban Planning from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He lives in Brooklyn.

ABOUT URBANITE@CASE[WERKS] in collaboration with SNAED:

Urbanite@Case[werks] activates a literal and figurative crossroads: Case[werks] sits atop the JFX and train tracks that have historically separated Station North from Mount Vernon and Downtown. Case[werks] draws audience from both sides of the tracks and shrinks the distance between Mount Vernon and the other activity nodes in Station North to the north.
•Urbanite@Case[werks] serves as a showcase of Station North and other Baltimore artists for audiences traveling into Baltimore's PennStation, thereby expanding the audience for local artists and the local and regional recognition of Station North.
•By highlighting interdisciplinary work, the exhibitions in Urbanite@Case[werks] draw participants and audience from diverse fields including architecture, fine arts, photography, design, and more.
•When possible, the exhibitions in Urbanite@Case[werks] link to other simultaneous exhibitions and projects in Baltimore, acknowledging and promoting Station North's role in Baltimore's cultural scene.

Urbanite @ Case[werks] is a collaboration between Urbanite Baltimore and Case[werks] in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District. The collaboration is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

Neil Freeman
All The Streets Centered (New York): Neil Freeman

Neil Freeman
All The Streets Centered (LA): Neil Freeman

Jan Razauskas
Translator: Jan Razauskas

Jan Razauskas
Vanishing Act: Jan Razauskas