a concept | campcamp: no previous survival experience required

campcamp is built of unpredictable partnerships and spontaneous relations, situations, and communities that evolve when diverse characters are localized on a confined site, existing under real or perceived parameters, articulated, here, in the campground. In response to varieties of niche conditioning, all of which are characterized by transplanting circumscribed routines to extreme environments or situations, a temporal, site specific habitat is formed that is simultaneously exposed while cozy, fleeting while grounded, ritualistic while celebratory, traditional while futuristic. Using these specific standardizations and perceptions of nomadic landing pads, campcamp assembles and erects an ever-changing stability in a fluctuating yet comfortable urban setting.

a description | campcamp: an introduction to the campground

For the 2011 Transmodern Festival, Marian April Glebes, in collaboration with Fred Scharmen and C. Ryan Patterson, curate campcamp, an exterior exhibition and interactive multi-disciplinary installation for which no prior survival experience is required for participation. The exhibition is designed for the rear exterior courtyard of The Current Gallery. (See attached plat for reference). campcamp identifies the campground as an organizational and conceptual device, then extends the implications and activities related to camping into foundations for aesthetic and eccentric experimentation. Artists, vendors, and niche lifestyle- crafters are invited to participate in campcamp by responding to categories like the following:

flag pole
ceremonies & rituals
the campfire

Artists are encouraged to create environments or installations that embrace the participatory and the habitable while expanding on standard campsite deliverables. Each artist, vendor or lifestyle crafter is assigned a camp site designated by the thematic category of their work. These sites are identified with site markers, corresponding to a posted and distributable Site Map and an information notice board that hosts all contributors' information and other ephemera of, about, and relating to campcamp. The exhibition will be followed by a Field Guide, produced by the curators with a collaborating artist/designer. A path-like common area connects the sites of campcamp to guide viewers through the courtyard, while, along the way, they are met with opportunities to engage with activities or to linger in gentle spaces. Over two nights of the festival (Friday and Saturday, April 29th & 30th) campcamp morphs and grows as it is influenced by attendants and participants and simultaneously maintains a consistent, hospitable habitat that encourages those who enter to make themselves at home.

a list | campcampers

Kelly Bell & Nicole Shiflet
Lou Joseph
Jordan Bernier, Elie Sollins & Steve Santillian
Jaimes Mayhew
Graham Coreil-Allen
Jacob Wick (Information Department)
Joseph Faura
Jan Razauskas
Gary Katchadourian
Laura Payne-Ammussen & Jessica Seagraves
Andrew Brehm
Derek Diedricksen
Liz Ensz
Churchill Davenport

spontaneous participants included, but were not limited to:

Mucca Pazza
The Gnome
A TeePee
Power Animals

Interested in participating in campcamp? View the Call for Campers here.

Interested in checking out the current state of the campground? View the site plan sketch here.

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