The artists and cultural organizations featured in Concatenation (disambiguation) are all categorically specific yet flexible.

A parking garage is a specific arena constructed for temporary occupation by objects or persons, and a ground for chance-encounters, brief inter-personal interactions, and the execution of routines. Its ordinariness makes it invisible, but it is a linkage in the system of travel and place, and connects users to their final destinations, coming and going, as it is a fleeting container for both vehicle and trajectory. Concatenation is, abstractly, a networking of procedures that joins or converges the loose or not-connected. In mathematics, technology and programming, it refers specifically to vectors, text messages, and strings, converging specific media, lines, text or code to each other. Disambiguation defines terms that are characteristically associated with many topics, and delineates the paths of access to these different topics, despite all varieties being able to exist, in principle, under the same title. Disambiguations are simultaneously specific and vague. Wikipedia uses the word "Mercury" for example, as it can refer to several different things, including an "element, a planet, an automobile brand, a record label, a NASA manned-spaceflight project, a plant, and a Roman god." For the exhibition Concatenation (disambiguation), examples of these three elements: the system, the specific, and the space, co-habitate under the auspice of social practice for a three days.

Social practice as a term itself flirts with definition and genre. It is a fickle title, dancing through anthropology, sociology, environmentalism, community out-reach, or subcategories of all sciences and cause. It exists perhaps, due to fluidity in categorization, as social practice is expressed in any form, or many - photography, video, performance, sculpture - or meeting, organizing, designing, and arranging, at any given time. Attempts to narrow the definition by describing what it is not quickly disintegrate into a simultaneous examining of parts of the whole - the greater intuitive defining of practice ceases to have meaning without the moving parts that construct its character and force expansion from specificity. The definition of social practice is therefore as democratic as its practitioners. It no longer belongs to artists. (Or did it ever?) Once any discipline, or media, or content - architecture, retail, marketing, teaching, construction - self-ascribes as social practice, and often does, the leap to cultural or creative production is a small one. This scenario, in reverse, is then a simplified example of the character of the artist, who can be all genres, all disciplines, at all times, via creation and production based in a social practice. The exhibitors and artists in Concatenation (disambiguation) are each symptomatic of the blurriness of these boundaries; each and all may be described as the system, as the specific, as the space, and it is in the simultaneous attribution of these qualities to the works, their participants, and their makers, that utilizes while challenging the definition of social practice.

participating artists:

Dustin Carlson
Gary Katchadourian
Carey Chaia & Ingrid Burrington
Peacock (Sean Naftel & Christopher Attenborough)
Jenny Janis & Eric Leshinsky
Jonathan Hanson
Beau Finley
Vincent Carney
Ben Stone
Sarah Doherty
The Food Cart (Dane Nester & Matt Day)
Baltimore Song Project
The Loading Dock
The Baltimore Hostel & Hosteling International
Baltimore Free Store
D:center Baltimore